Do These "Healthy" Habits Every Day If You Want Diabetes

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Brand new studies show that there are three supposedly healthy habits that could be giving you diabetes. 

These studies have just been released recently, so your doctor doesn’t even know about them.  And sadly all three things are widely believed to be healthy by the medical establishment. 

That’s right, these three things could lead you to a life of pain and misery as diabetes slowly takes over your life.  I can almost guarantee you’re doing at least 2 out of 3 of these things every day.
And no, I’m not talking about eating sugar and refined carbs. Everyone knows that those things cause diabetes.

These are three things that we all consider healthy! And they could be causing you to get diabetes right now.

The first one is MOUTHWASH.  A university of Alabama study recently showed that people who rinsed with mouthwash every day were 55% more likely to have diabetes. 1
I’ll tell you why in just a moment, the reason will blow your mind.

But there are 2 other daily habits that are so common that most doctors not only recommend them but they actually do them every single day too.

One is probably the hottest diet fad of the last 20 years and the other one is the most common prescription drug in the world.

And yet, groundbreaking research just released this year shows that they could be causing or worsening your diabetes or prediabetes.

Keep watching and I’ll show you what it is.

Could these things be the root cause of the diabetes epidemic that is gripping the country?

Only time will tell, but time is running out for you if you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes.

Or maybe you haven’t been diagnosed, but you’re worried you’re at risk for getting diabetes.

If you feel very hungry, have low energy, have to pee often, and have unexplainable weight gain, you too could be diabetic before long.

And you’re staring straight down the barrel of an early death if you don’t address it now.

You probably know the life of a diabetic is miserable, filled with doctor’s appointments, needle injections and constantly worrying about what food to eat and what food to avoid.

You probably know that diabetics are far more likely to die from heart attacks and strokes. And I’m sure you’re aware that diabetics can have crippling neuropathy pain, lose their eyesight, and even have toes, feet and legs amputated.
But what you didn’t know - is that diabetes can be reversed.  Yes, it doesn’t have to be a death sentence. I have personally helped thousands of people reverse their type 2 diabetes and I’ll give you blueprint today.

I have done it for over 24,000 people so far, and you could be next.

Just keep reading and I will reveal all.

I’ll show you how Susan Lyons, a 58-year old woman from Arizona, completely reversed her diabetes in a few months.

When I say reversed, I mean her diabetes is gone. No more medications, no more treatments.

Her blood glucose went from 169 to 112, her A1c went from 7.4 to 5.9 and she lost 45 pounds.
And yet she stills enjoys her favorite foods and drinks and has not radically changed her lifestyle. 

No drugs, no needles, no surgery. 

She enjoys her life immensely, never feels deprived and enjoys eating out at restaurants several time a week.

She got rid of the out of control feeling she had about her health.  

It’s like she was a death row inmate who got a pardon from the governor. 

She has reversed a disease that was going to kill her.

Now she’s in the driver’s seat with her health. 

She’s not a slave to doctors and drugs.

And there are tens of thousands of people just like her.

Her doctors are confounded - and one of them still refuses to believe it.

So many doctors believe that diabetes cannot be reversed, and Susan and I are here to tell you that they are DEAD WRONG.

Susan did it with a few simple tweaks to her diet and daily routine. Anyone can do what Susan did.
And I’ll show you the highly effective grape extract that is transforming how we treat diabetes.

This natural but powerful grape has taken the medical world by storm because in recent studies it has proven to be as effective or better than the prescription drugs that doctors are handing out like candy.

Its safer, with little to no side effects, and is 10x cheaper than any prescription drug.   
In fact you can find it at most health food stores.  

And I’ll show you why, when it comes to prescription drugs for diabetes, the cure is often worse than the disease.

Most of these drugs are basically poison, making you sicker just to lower your blood sugar levels while leaving the rest of your body a complete wreck.

But for these reasons the powers that be in Big Pharma are trying to bury this information so that your only option is their expensive drugs.

In fact when they get wind of this post I can guarantee they’ll try to have it taken down.

The drug companies and their cronies in the federal government can’t afford to have you using cheap natural cures.

They are the ones who have convinced doctors that diabetes cannot be reversed and is a permanent condition.

How else can they sell you on a drug that you have to take for a lifetime?

It’s true of metformin and many other drugs like ozempic, wegovy, mounjaro, and other semaglutide drugs that big pharma is shoving down your throat.

Sure it might work for a few months, but the minute you stop, your symptoms will return and you’re right back to where you started.

Do you really want to take these drugs for the next 10, 20 or 30 years.  Do you want inject man-made chemicals in your backside forever?

Or spend $1000 a month on them?  Because that’s what they cost!

And let’s not forget about the horrific side effects people report feeling awful on these drugs. 

And we have no idea what the long term effects will be. 

Remember the FenPhen craze of the 90’s 2?

Yes it too was hailed as a weight loss miracle drug.

It was a blockbuster, selling hundreds of millions of doses in just a few years. Then they discovered it was causing a deadly heart defect.  Thousands pf people died and the drug company had to pay out the biggest drug settlement in history - over $10 billion dollars!

Would you be surprised if that same thing happened when these new weight loss and diabetes drugs are revealed to be the poison they really are?

Why would you take that risk with your health?

Why do that when the risk-free blueprint is right here waiting for you?

So, don’t wait, and don’t leave until the end of this short post. Like I said this could vanish any day now.

I’ll even show you my “chocolate brownie secret” - this is how you can keep your blood sugar low even after you enjoy a big plate of brownies!

And I’ll show you the shocking truth about sugar substitutes like aspartame that appear in diet soda and many other foods and why they are making your problems so much worse.  

I’ll even show you the delicious all-natural sugar substitute that is so good for you it can help you LOSE weight, lower your blood sugar numbers, and improve your mood!  

So if you’re suffering from diabetes, prediabetes, or just worried that you’re at risk - this is the answer to your prayers.

I’m about to reveal the truth about this deadly disease - the truth that most doctors and Big Pharma will never admit.

In this short blod post I am going to show you that just about everything you thought to be true about diabetes, the medications that are supposed to treat it, and the food we are supposed to be eating to stop it have been proven to be DEAD WRONG over the last few years.  
And not because I say so, but because there is a mountain of data and scientific studies that prove it.  

And I’m going to show it to you right here, right now. 

So stop what you’re doing, close the door, and turn off your phone. Grab a piece of paper and take some notes.

You’re about to learn more about diabetes in the next 15 minutes than you ever have in your life. 
I am going to expose the lies you’ve been told and reveal the truth: your diabetes can be reversed.

Doctors call it remission, but its the same thing. 

It can be done!

But you need a plan, a blueprint, and I’m going to show it to you today.

And I’ll show you the grape extract  that can be as effective as those awful prescription drugs. 
Without the side effects!

Ready? Let’s dive in.

First let me introduce myself quickly.

My name is Kriss Berg and I am certified nutritionist and health researcher.

I started coaching people with health problems over a decade ago after overcoming my own health issues.

See around 2007 I was fat, sick and nearly dead.
I was having heart issues, I needed to lose 50 pounds, and my digestion was a wreck. I was actually admitted to a hospital in 2008.  

But that was my introduction to a harsh reality: western medicine simply could not fix the things that were wrong with me.

See western medicine fixes the body the same way we fix a car these days.

If you’ve got a bad tire you go to a tire shop. If you have a dent in the fender you go to a body shop.

But what if the whole car is a wreck and you’ve got to fix everything?

Well you can total a car, but you can’t total your body.

Western medicine is the same way.

Western medicine has a specialist for everything but nobody really looks at the whole picture. 

That’s why I am so glad I found a doctor like Dr. Greg Smith.

Dr. Smith got a degree from Harvard and served as a doctor at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center for years.

He has a deep understanding of how the human body works and understands that the body is one big living organism. 

He understands it’s ALL related and you can’t begin to relieve symptoms without getting to the root cause of the problem.
He taught me early on that food and plants can be medicine.

I thought for years that natural medicine was fine but it couldn’t possibly match the effectiveness of prescription drugs.

Boy was I wrong. He showed me that in thousands of studies, natural cures have been proven to be as good or better than man-made drugs.

And - no surprise - they have far fewer side effects.

That’s why I am about to show you a natural compound that is just as good at reversing diabetes as those drugs your doctor keeps pushing. 

I transformed my body in a few short years. Now, at 48 years old, I am leaner, stronger and healthier than I was at 20. 

And in doing so I found I was passionate about helping others do the same.

So Dr. Greg and I have helped tens of thousands of people solve their health problems, throw away the expensive and dangerous drugs, and rewind the clock on their health.

That’s why, in 2021, I was happy to pick up the phone when my friend Susan called.

I could tell by the sound of her voice she had been crying.

She said she just got back from the doctor. 

She desperately needed ankle surgery to fix a bone problem that had festered for years.

She was all set to get it fixed when the doctor said they had to scrub the surgery at the last moment.

Her blood sugar was too high.

See many surgeons won’t put you under anesthesia if your blood glucose is too high.

High blood sugar can increase the risk of seizures and infections.

So the surgeon called it off, and told her in an cold, emotionless voice: “You have diabetes. Get it fixed if you want your ankle fixed.” And then he just walked out of the room.

What a way to find out you have a deadly disease!

Susan was devastated and her mind immediately went to dark places.

She imagined having her legs cut off and dying sickly and obese in a few short years.

See her mom was diabetic and she saw how horrible the disease was.

It meant almost weekly doctor’s appointments, needle injections every day, and constantly monitoring blood sugar.

It meant always worrying about what food and drink is good or bad for your blood sugar.  

In her mind it was a death sentence.

And it was going to be slow and painful death.

But she admitted to me that she saw this coming.

See the pandemic had wrecked her health habits. 
During lockdown she was having 3-4 alcoholic drinks every night, and eating sweets and processed food every day.

She was ordering Door Dash and food delivery sometimes multiple times in the same day.

She thought it would all be temporary - she thought she’d get better as soon as the pandemic was over. 

But when the lockdowns and the pandemic dragged on, her health slowly got worse and worse. 
And she never went back to her healthy habits.

So the diagnosis did not completely surprise her.

So after the surgeon gave her the horrifying news, she immediately went to see her primary doctor, where you can probably guess what that doctor did.  

That doctor immediately put her on metformin.

If Susan thought she felt bad before, she couldn’t believe how bad she felt on metformin.

It made her violently ill.   I mean projectile-vomiting ill. 

She thought she had weeklong food poisoning - only to realize it was the metformin.

Sadly, she’s not alone. Millions of people like you are forced to take these drugs and suffer the consequences of their horrible side effects.

In fact out of 1716 reviews on WebMD,

…metformin gets a putrid score of just 2.5 stars from the people who take it!

Imagine being forced to swallow something that was rated at 2.5 stars out of 5 every day - then imagine you had no choice but to do it for the rest of your life!

Some of these reviews on this drug are tragic 3

One woman said:

“This medicine almost killed me”

Another said “The side effects alone are enough to make you deathly sick. It's horrible.”

A male patient said “If you’re not already suffering from a mental disorder , don’t take this med. I had severe mood swings and anger outbursts”

And this is supposed to help you!  Does this sound like fun?

Plus many of the reviews say something similar to this gentleman: “This medication doesn't appear to reduce my blood sugars significantly”

Ok, so it makes you feel awful and doesn’t really work that well?

Keep watching, I’ll show you an all natural extract that lowers your blood sugar with ZERO side effects. 

But scientific studies back up these people’s experience with metformin and many other diabetes drugs.

One large study, called the ACCORD study, was published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2008.

The 10,000 patients who were being treated with insulin or blood sugar-lowering drugs were monitored and evaluated for their risk of heart attack, strokes and death. 

And get this: 

The National Institute of Health ended the study early because the medications were leading to MORE deaths, heart attacks, and strokes.

The drugs were literally killing people!! And yet we’re still prescribing these medications to this day.

The feds and Big Pharma teamed up to convince doctors that the study was flawed and the drugs were safe.

Sadly, the side effects and reviews for drugs like Ozempic and these new drugs that have been popularized by celebrities aren’t much better. Users only give Ozempic a 3.6 star rating 4.  

One reviewer said it flared up her IBS.  Another reviewer said it flared up her joint pain to the point she could barely walk. Another user said
“Lost a bunch of weight. Sick the entire 14 weeks on it. Nausea, constipation then explosive diarrhea. Increased heart rate, labored breathing, acid reflux that aggravated my gastritis. All in all, POISON.”

Yeah, you’ll definitely lose weight if you swallow poison!

And you have to inject these drugs - which means needles every day!  Not to mention you need a prescription to get them and many doctors refuse to do so because of all the nasty side effects people are experiencing.
And don’t forget, these drugs often cost at least $1000 per MONTH.  Can you afford that?

Does that sound like a good option to you?

And now there’s a flood of generic diabetes drugs hitting the market.

These might be cheaper but they are proving to be even deadlier.  These drugs come out of questionable labs in India and China that often include tainted or deadly ingredients. 
In fact generic drugs are getting so bad, that one of the world’s largest buyers of generic drugs - the US military - is now setting up their own testing lab to make sure the drugs are safe for our military veterans. 

Now, don’t worry in just a moment I’ll tell you about a completely safe and natural solution that has mountains of evidence showing it can lower blood sugar and reverse diabetes without these deadly side effects and without bankrupting you!
Stay tuned.

But back to Susan’s story.

Its no wonder she was in tears.  

She felt like her life was over. She had a deadly disease and the only medicine she could take was worse than the disease.

She was hopeless.

I calmed her down, and told it was all going to be ok.

I told her, we can fix this.

She was skeptical as heck though  “How?!!”  she asked.

“My doctor told me to watch my sugar intake, so what?”

That’s when I revealed to her the blueprint. 

The Diabetes Reversed method.

Dr. Greg and I had developed this blueprint when we saw the obesity and diabetes epidemic raging out of control.

We had clients who were becoming insulin resistant. We had patients who could not control their weight no matter how hard they tried. We had people whose blood sugar was skyrocketing.

But we knew the answer.  It was a simple mental switch that you can flip that will change how you look at this disease forever. 

Flip this switch and you can reverse diabetes. 

And then couple it with the Oregon grape extract I am about to show you, and you can say goodbye to needles and nauseating diabetes medications forever.

We’ve done it for tens of thousands of people like you from every state in the US, every province in Canada and 34 countries around the world.

It’s a fact: anyone with a deep desire to get better can do this. 

And it’s so cheap to do its practically free, especially when you compare it to the cost of injections, weekly doctor’s appointments, and amputation surgery.

Susan found out for herself. 

She started implementing the blueprint and within a few days she started feeling the effects.

She no longer felt like a slave to food. She could control her cravings. Her “food obsession” stopped practically overnight.
She had more energy. Her mind was sharper. She felt like she had rewound the clock to her 36 year old self, and she had just celebrated her 57th birthday. 

And within 3 months, yes just 3 short months, her blood sugar was low enough to get her ankle surgery. 

She walked into the clinic to see the surgeon holding her A1C results out like a kid bringing home a report card with straight A’s.

The surgeon was skeptical, he said with a patronizing look “you must be on metformin”
But Susan was beaming and said proudly: “NOPE, did it all by myself. No drugs.”

She got her surgery a few weeks later, and is back to the playing the sport she loves: tennis.

And, according to her, her life is immeasurably better.

She can eat the foods she loves, but she doesn’t obsess over them.

She still considers herself a foodie, she’s constantly trying new restaurants. She has a niece who is a pastry chef, and she regularly samples her amazing desserts.
Susan's actual results with this system!

But the difference now is she is in control. She decides how much she wants to eat, and she  makes healthy choices. 

No guilt, no regret.  

Her mind is at peace.

And the Oregon grape extract ensures that when she does have an extra rich or sugary meal, she can process the sugar right out of her body.

She simply excretes the sugar and carbs from her body like any other toxin without spiking her blood sugar and without feeling awful.

She truly has the best of both worlds where she can eat the things she loves and feel GREAT doing it.

Isn’t that the dream?

Well, you can live this dream too.

But the first thing you have to do is stop blaming yourself. 

Look, it’s not your fault that our society has forced you and I into this unhealthy lifestyle. 

It was bad enough before the pandemic but that just made it 10x worse.

With work from home and lockdowns it was so easy to stop exercising and just eat whatever we wanted right?

The world can be such a depressing and stressful place, it’s no wonder we eat to feel better.

But the worst thing you can do is to just accept this is who you are and who you will always be. 

It’s no wonder we think that this disease is permanent, that there’s no escaping it.

That’s what the medical establishment wants you to think!

I mean it’s built right into their business model.

Get people hooked on their drugs and they’ll have a paying customer for their rest of their lives.

But its simply not true.

You can get better!
You can choose to get healthy!  

Its not as hard as you think. 

Plus you MUST stop doing the supposedly “healthy” habits that are making your diabetes worse - or placing you at higher risk for diabetes.

I’ll get to those in just a moment.

So let me show you how Diabetes Reversed actually works.***

Here’s how to get started.

Now I’m sure you’ve heard that you need to avoid sugar and refined carbs. 

Everybody knows this, but few people can actually pull it off.

And sadly the chemicals that Big Food has created to reduce your sugar consumption are making the problem much worse.

I’m talking about aspartame and other man-made sugar substitutes  - which are in everything from Diet Coke to your favorite desserts these days.

A study in the British Medical Journal last year showed that people who consumed large quantities of aspartame, sucralose, and saccharine were 5 TIMES as likely to suffer heart attacks and strokes 5.

Fortunately there is a better way.

There are natural delicious sweeteners that taste EXACTLY like sugar.  There is even a delicious, all-natural fruit that is 5x sweeter than sugar and tastes incredible.

And these options have ZERO calories and don’t raise blood sugar levels. One of them even LOWERS your blood sugar and can help you lose weight. 

So, you can still have your favorite desserts like brownies, cake and ice cream. You can still sweeten your coffee in the morning and have a chocolate chip cookie before bed.
Then another study found that consuming artificial sugar substitutes could alter a person's gut microbes and potentially elevate blood sugar levels. 

As you know high blood sugar can increase one's risk of diabetes, heart disease or stroke.

Aren’t we trying to avoid those things by eating sugar-free options?

Next up:
Changing your relationship with food.  

If you’re like me, you’re kind of obsessed with food.

I know I was when my health was suffering.

I woke up thinking about it. I would think about what I was going to have for breakfast and then I would think about lunch all morning.

And not long after I ate lunch, I would start thinking about what was for dinner.

I was pretty much hungry all the time.

If food was in front me, I had to eat it all.
I would always get seconds and then I would finish my kids meals too.

After dinner I was satisfied for maybe an hour and then I think about what I was going have for dessert.

It was an addiction!

So I devised a simple method to switch off my food obsession.

It wasn’t a food diary or a nutrition coach.

No, this is much simpler.

Any time hunger would strike, I would look at photos of obese people.

Or I would look at photos of people on dialysis.

For my client Susan, we found an insane method that worked overnight. 

I’m not kidding, the next day her food obsession was gone.

I’ll show it to you in just a moment. 

Now, I know this is unorthodox. And frankly its a little weird.

If its too weird for you, don’t worry, my third diabetes reversal tip is virtually foolproof.

But for many people who are suffering from food addiction - this is a total game changer.

See we can replace the sugar in your diet in tip 1, but if you still obsess over food constantly you’re going to find a way to cheat and destroy your health.

If we can simply trick your brain into thinking about the consequences of what you eat BEFORE you eat it, then you have far more control over your appetite.

So when we associate food with the consequences that food can bring, suddenly you have control over your cravings.  

YOU decide when, how much, and what you eat.  Not your ravenous appetite, your BRAIN.
It’s so easy once you use my 5-minute trick for breaking food addiction. 

Believe me, you’ll still enjoy food!  My method doesn’t make you hate food, far from it.

Susan, like all my successful clients, still enjoys food.  She’s goes to restaurant openings almost every month. She eats out 2-3 times a week. But she can make smart, healthy AND delicious choices now because she’s in control.

Once you flip this switch,
your health is truly in your hands.

But I know you’re probably still skeptical.  You’re thinking: Can replacing sugar and associating obesity and diabetes with food really reverse your diabetes??

Those two alone can do wonders, but - no - you need some more help.

So that brings me to step 3.

Step three is my favorite part, because it makes steps 1 and 2 much easier.

See the first two steps involve some self-discipline and some changes to how you think about food.

Step 3 is as easy as taking a pill - because that’s all you have to do.

Yep, just take this crazy effective grape extract and BOOM your body starts flushing sugar out of your system almost immediately.

So what is it?
It’s a special extract from the bark of the Oregon grape plant.

Scientists have found that the bark of this plant is extremely high in a powerful alkaloid called berberine.  

You may have heard of berberine alkaloid (I’ll call it BA for short). It’s been a social media sensation lately as people discovered it had the same effects as Ozempic, metformin and many other weight loss and blood sugar drugs.

And, for once, social media got it right.  BA is an amazing natural compound. 
It has been tested in hundreds of studies.

One of the main benefits of BA is its effect on your metabolism.

It can activate an enzyme in your cells that regulate metabolism, hunger and energy.

That means you can lose weight easily on BA. One study showed that people lost 5 pounds in just a few weeks doing nothing but taking BA extract. 

Wouldn’t that be wonderful to take something that is good for you and helps you lose weight?

But the biggest benefit for folks like you is its ability to regulate blood sugar. 

And it might be unmatched in its ability to do that - even most prescription drugs can’t stack up to BA!

That’s because 46 different trials have been tested on people with diabetes 6.

46 clinical trials!***

And they showed that BA is extremely effective at lowering blood glucose - some of them showed diabetics lowered their blood sugar by as much as 30% in a few weeks.

It can also decrease insulin resistance - which is what causes diabetes in the first place.

This in turn empowers the circulating insulin, thus your body needs less of it. That is important because once you lower insulin levels, you get weight loss.

That means, the more insulin a patient has in circulation, the greater their fat production. So if you increase insulin sensitivity, or decrease insulin resistance, you get less fat production and less fat storage.  

Thats what BA does. 

BA also improves the breakdown of sugar stores in the body, a process known as glycolysis. It also decreases sugar production by the liver, and slows the breakdown of carbohydrates in the gut.

BA also improves gut health by helping good probiotic gut bacteria to thrive. This helps them colonize your GI tract making it inhospitable for bad bacteria.

Overall, all these processes acting synergistically results in a vast improvement in glucose control and diabetes.

These studies also showed that BA lowers A1C levels in diabetics, in some cases as much as 34% in as little as 6 weeks. 

And, get this, 14 different studies show that is as good or better than metformin and other diabetes drugs like glipizide, and rosiglitazone.

It has even been shown to lower cholesterol and triglycerides. 

It really is in many ways the perfect medicine.

And when you combine it with some enzymes found in grass-fed beef and a spice sitting in your pantry right now - well the results can be eye-popping.

This combination has proven to be LIGHTS OUT for diabetes.

More on that in a moment.

This is Dr. Greg’s secret weapon for reversing diabetes. 

The first two steps are still important, but this is the game changer for most people.

So why haven’t you heard of BA before?

Why isn’t it the first thing doctors suggest when they discover a patient has diabetes?

Well, sadly BA doesn’t have a good publicist like most drugs do.

It doesn’t have a billion dollar pharmaceutical company behind it.

It doesn’t have armies of drug reps selling it to doctors. 

It doesn’t pay for golf outings, trips to Vegas and fancy dinners. 

The drug companies have all those things, but poor little BA doesn’t.

But that’s ok, now you know.

You CAN avoid the horrible, expensive drugs and get the same results WITHOUT going broke and making yourself sicker.

But we’re still just scratching the surface.

There is so much more to the Diabetes Reversed method.

Just ask Kathleen H:
After using this system for several months, my glucose levels have returned to normal range and remain there. I could not be any more pleased!

~ Kathleen H
Or John K:
AIC was as high as 9.1. After using this system for several months AIC dropped to 6.4.

~ John K

So there are two ways you can go here.

You can go it on your own from here and hope you figure it out. You can hope to find good quality BA and try my other tricks on your own.

It’s a lonely road, but it can be done.

If you do ALL that, MAYBE you’ll avoid the blindness and amputation. 
Or you can join 24,000 people just like you who have decided to say goodbye to diabetes, it’s horrible symptoms, and the deadly medications you’ll have to take.

It’s not too late! 

You can do this, but you have to start today, you cannot wait another minute.

And that’s why it’s critical you get this system, Diabetes Reversed, right now.

This is not simply a book, its a blueprint.

This is a plan to reverse your diabetes, prediabetes, or diabetes symptoms in just 60 days or less.

This is just some of what you’ll get with this system.

First off we’ll teach you how to replace the diabetes causing sugar and refined grains in your life.

I’ll give you my exclusive tips and tricks for still enjoying pastas, breads, and desserts without killing yourself!

There are so many healthy options now, from grain-free flours to healthy, natural sugar substitutes.  

Seriously some of these natural sugar substitutes are so healthy that they can raise your mood and LOWER your blood sugar.  One of them will even help you lose weight!

Plus you’ll get my massive sugar-free recipe book.

These mouth-watering delicious recipes will make you forget how much you loved sugar forever.
You can enjoy my world-famous sugar-free brownies (perfected by my lovely wife Mrs. Berg) over years of trial and error.  These brownies can actually LOWER your blood sugar and are so delicious me and my two kids can just about devour an entire batch in about half a day.

But we don’t feel guilty about it!  These brownies are actually good for you!
My lovely wife knows how to bake amazing desserts - without sugar!
Plus there’s a chocolate chip cookie recipe

A blue-ribbon-winning banana bread recipe

A fudge recipe that will make your family think that it's packed with sugar

An apple pie recipe that would make your mom proud

Susan’s famous “cake batter breakfast” that can leave you satisfied all day!

PLUS I’ll show you how to shop for sugar-free items that don’t use aspartame and other deadly sugar substitutes.

And I’ll give you links to the best prepared foods so if you don’t like to cook you can still enjoy your favorite foods.

I have tens of thousands of clients who’ve said goodbye to both sugar AND nasty artificial sweeteners and still enjoy ALL their favorite foods.

Did you now there are even healthy versions of Doritos, Mountain Dew, and Monster Energy drinks?  Yep, and you don’t have to cook a single thing.

Next up, we fix your mindset.

I have a ton of tricks up my sleeve for breaking your food addiction.

You will finally no longer be a slave to food, constantly thinking about your next meal.  

Constantly looking through the pantry and fridge for a snack.

You’ll be in control of your appetite for the first time in maybe forever.

And I’ll teach you how to deal with all the pressure that comes from loved ones about food and eating.

You’ll be able to say NO when you need to, and say YES when you want to - and control yourself too!

Ever walked by a big bowl of candy and felt the urge to eat the entire thing?  Or gone to the ice cream shop and felt like you wanted a bucket of ice cream topped with EVERYTHING??

With my method, you can still indulge, but you’ll ask for the small size. You’ll push yourself away from the table when you’re full instead of gorging yourself until you feel sick.

You’ll make smart choices at the holiday party or the buffet.

Your mind will be at complete peace with food, and when you do that, your blood sugar will drop naturally, your A1C will be perfect, and you will be healthier than you have in years.

You CAN do this, and I will show you how.  It really is mind over matter with my method. You’ll be in the driver seat!

I’ll even show you the method we created for Susan that broke her food obsession overnight.
WARNING: This method is extremely controversial and shocking.  This is not the for the faint of heart!  But it just plain works.

Then, finally my secret weapon.

I’ll show you the combination of three super effective supplements that will make your diabetes reversal almost guaranteed.

Seriously if you fail at the first two items you can still lower your blood sugar and A1C easily with this supplement mix.

Now, I don’t recommend you ignore the firs two parts. You really should change your diet and mindset for long term success.

But this supplement mix of the BA extract that I mentioned earlier, plus my secret spice that’s sitting in your cabinet right now, and finally the grass-fed beef enzymes will get you the results you so desperately need faster and easier.

Seriously if you have a glucose monitor you can take this concoction and WATCH your blood sugar numbers drop. 

It flushes sugar from your body in minutes.

So you can enjoy your favorite treats occasionally without guilt or remorse. 

I’ll show you how and where to get the best quality version of this combination so taking it is as easy as swallowing little capsules.

You won’t find this formula on Google or at your doctor’s office, this is an exclusive recipe that the Doctor and I discovered after years of trial and error. 

And it costs less than $2 a day!
Compare that to insulin shots which can cost hundreds of dollars a month!

How much do you think it costs to go to the doctor almost every week?

Well that’s what you’ll be doing if you let your diabetes rage out of control.

You can get healthy again, control your destiny, and live longer - if you choose to get better starting today.

And my Diabetes Reversal system can do just that.

Speaking of cost, I know you’re probably wondering how much the Diabetes Reversed system will cost.

Let me first say, Dr. Greg and I are not getting rich selling this system.

That’s not our goal. Our goal, our mission actually, is to help end this diabetes epidemic that is raging around the world.

We know that we can turn the tide. So it’s our mission is to help as many people as possible - while giving us a little money to live on.

That’s it.  We’re not fancy cars and big houses people, we’re just regular guys who want to help as many people as possible get better.

So we struggled with how to price this incredibly effective system.

After all, its extremely valuable. This system has helped over 24,000 people reverse their diabetes.  That means they stopped taking expensive insulin, injections, blood glucose monitors, and weekly doctor’s appointments.

Think about how much money that saved them!

For one client, Bob Marsh of Ohio, he was spending up to $1200 a month on treatments and medications.

That’s over $14k a year just on medical costs!  And he has health insurance!

He was able to reverse his diabetes in a few months with this system and now he uses that money to do what he loves - go deep sea fishing and travel in his RV with this wife.

You could be just like Bob. 

But in order to stop this epidemic, we know we can’t charge too much. People are really struggling out there and many folks have no money for doctors, let alone the Diabetes Reversal system.

We have seen other diabetes treatment systems charge as much as $200 a month to help people.

I know you probably can’t afford that!  And you shouldn’t have to.  Personally I hate monthly charges, I’m terrified I’ll forget about it and end up being charged thousands of dollars.  

So we’re only going to charge a small one-time fee. No memberships or recurring charges whatsoever.

We’d love to give this information away for free, but the fact is it costs money to run our programs and help people reverse this horrible disease.  Plus we want to get the word out to as many people as possible and that costs money.

So we’re not going to charge thousands of dollars a month, or even $200 a month.

I’ll send you the complete system, with everything, in easy to understand language.  No medical jargon or big fancy words. This is a plan anyone can follow.

You can normally get the entire program for just $49. 

But since its our mission to stop this epidemic, we’re pulling out all the stops.

Today only, I would like to offer a special discount just for sticking it out and reading this entire letter.

So instead of $200 a month or $49, today - right now - you can have the entire Diabetes Reversed system for just a one time charge of $19.97

Yep, for less than it would cost to feed your family at a fast food restaurant, you can get the entire package.

And no need to wait for the mail or delivery, you can check out and get going on the road to recovery and perfect health in minutes. The system will be emailed to you instantly.

All you have to do to get started is click on the button below.

You’ll be taken to our secure order form.  You’ll just enter your information in our encrypted and completely secure ordering system.  Then you’ll click the button to submit your information, and about 37 seconds later the entire system will be delivered to your email address.

It’s that easy.

And it’s only $19.97, can you believe that?! I bet you spent more than $20 on sweets and junk food in the last week, didn’t you?

Well now you can enjoy some sweets without destroying your health, without the threat of losing your eyesight or a foot to this horrible disease.

You can have your life back. You’ll be in control of your health again. No more needles, horrible medications with awful side effects, or expensive surgeries looming over you.

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FREEDOM, you’ll have freedom from the stress and sickness you’ve suffered from for years.

Now, if you’re like me you’re still skeptical.  You’ve seen things like this before! You’ve been promised a cure before haven't you?

I get it, I know how hard it is to trust someone.  That’s why Dr. Greg and I offer something you won’t find anywhere else. 

That’s our no-hassle LIFETIME guarantee.  That’s right, if you ever have second thoughts or doubts about this program - we’ll give you 100% of your money back - no questions asked - ANYTIME.

That’s right, it could be tomorrow, it could be a year from now, it could be 5 years from now.
You get your money back anytime for any reason.  Look, this is how confident we are that this will work for you like it has for literally tens of thousands of other people.

Why doesn’t your doctor or those other diets and medications offer the same thing?  We couldn’t afford to do this if this wasn’t so effective.
We’d be busted back to the poor house if even a fraction of our clients refunded their purchases.  But it just doesn’t happen very often.  I bet you’ll have a story just like MaryAnn’s:

“I thought I was going to lose a foot!  I was diabetic and the neuropathy in my feet was so bad I was talking to a surgeon about replacing it with a prosthetic. The pain was so bad I could not sleep! But I tried the diabetes reversed system and I have to say it’s nothing short of a miracle. My blood sugar is down to 115 and my A1C went from 7.6 to 5.7.  I’m so thrilled and my doctor is starting to take me off the medications!  Praise the lord!”

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This could be your story too.

So what are you waiting for?

Are you really going to risk your health for another minute over 20 bucks?  Isn’t it worth it to see just how effective this system can be?

Don’t you want to be around for your kids and your grandkids? How are you going to do that if you don’t do something NOW.

So click the button below to get started.

In about 2 minutes you could be on the road to recovery. 

As soon as you get your download, I want you to dive into the first couple chapters. Don’t try to do everything at once. But dig in and start making a one or two changes a day.

Do that over the course of just a month, and you will be amazed at how healthy you can get.

You’ll feel better, have more energy, and get better sleep. You’ll know that your condition CAN be reversed if you just keep going forward.

Remember, a healthy person has a thousand wishes, a sick person only has one.  Is it your wish to get healthy? Your health can’t wait another minute.

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So don’t forget to click on the button below to get started.

Now, I promised to tell about the 3 popular healthy habits that are causing your diabetes or prediabetes worse.

We talked about the first habit: mouthwash.  According to a University of Alabama study you’re 55% more likely to have diabetes if you use mouthwash twice a day.

Now why would mouthwash be causing diabetes? Scientists aren’t sure, but they believe its because mouthwash kills bacteria in your mouth - both the bad and good kind. 

Some of those friendly bugs are thought to play a role in blood sugar regulation, and killing them off could make it harder for your levels to stay steady. That’s according to the scientists who conducted the study.

Now, for the second habit. This is probably the most popular diet trend of the last 10 years: it’s eating food without gluten!

That’s right.  People who regularly consume gluten are 13 percent less likely to develop diabetes compared to those who steer clear, according to an American Heart Association study of nearly 200,000 adults 7.

That could be because people who avoid gluten tend to eat fewer fiber-rich whole grains, which play an important role in lowering diabetes risk.

And the final habit is truly mind-blowing, because it involves the most popular medications on the planet.

A study found that people who take statins are 36% more likely to develop diabetes 8.  Can you believe that?

How the two are related isn’t totally clear. Having high cholesterol in itself is a risk factor for diabetes, so it could be that people who take statins are already predisposed to developing diabetes.

But it’s another case where the cure could be worse than the disease. You might lower your cholesterol but raise your risk for diabetes.  Something to think about.

Anyway, now you know there’s a blueprint for reversing your diabetes. And you can do it while enjoying your favorite food and drinks.

So what are you waiting for, your health can’t wait another minute. Click the button below to get started NOW.

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